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Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials do you use? Is the fur Real?

I use quite a few materials in one costume, but the primary material is Fake Fur, I will not use Real animal fur in a costume. Resin/Plastic and foam is used to make the head so That it’ll stay light and durable.

Where do you see out of in your costumes?

Vision is always through the mesh near the eyes (the ‘tear ducts’) which provides good forward vision but little or no peripheral vision. Toony costumes have vision through the larger ports of the Iris and pupils, which are made from mesh.

If I ask for low quality fur, will the costume be cheaper?

Im afraid not no, I work with the highest quality materials that I can find so that your costume will look its best and will last for years instead of months.

How much do you charge for a fursuit?

Please check our prices page for a basic idea of cost, this may change at the quote stage as I need to take into account all the markings/changes and extra bits and pieces on your costume

My Quotes Form Receipt Email has not arrived?

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the email to be sent to your submitted email address, occasionally emails can end up in Spam/Junk mail filters/boxes so its useful to check there as well.

If the site is busy, receipt emails can be delayed and may take up to an hour to be sent.

If you have any more questions or there is something you think could be added to the FAQ feel free to email them