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Basic pricing guide

The pricing guide can now be found on the Prices page.

The First Step

-Get a basic idea of what youd like, fullsuit or mask? What extras would you like? Horns, LED’s, Digitigrade padding?
Feel free to check out the gallery for previous work for ideas on the extras and styles that we offer, if there is nothing there that matches any ideas you have, please feel free to email and ask.
All costumes are individual and are priced as such, the more detailed the costume is the more it will cost, to get an exact price you will need to fill out the quote forms when they become active.
Although I do only provide quote forms when I open for them, basic prices can be found at the top of the page if you’d like a reference for cost.

Concept art

Have your artwork ready, Without your character art I cannot create your design! The only instance in which this does not apply, is if you are asking for an artistic liberty costume (I design/create the character) If you are interested in this please add this to the description in your quote form.
A good detailed reference sheet is vital when it comes to getting your character spot-on in terms of design and how youd like it to look. Reference art is required when asking for a quote, I will not give quotes unless multi-angled concept work is shown.
Once the construction of your costume starts (when your order is finalized and Ive been given the go-ahead) your artwork cannot be changed.
Some small changes are negotiable, but may require a change in cost if something dramatic is to be added or has a large change upon the construction of your suit. (eg. Adding huge horns atop of your critter).

Full reference sheets required include – Front,back, side views of your character and also any close-ups of unique markings or points of interest. (These have to be full colour so that I know which fur, paint, materials need to be purchased) Unshaded artwork (Flat colour) So that I can find the correct materials in the right colours for your costume.

Art I will not/cannot accept Uncoloured, Scribbled/messy, does not show all of the character, Recoloured © Line-work (used without permission), Photo of other costumes, Photo of a drawing, Unrealistic factors for costume fabrication (cannot be made to fit a human frame), Copyrighted character that does not belong to you and anything above a PG rating.

If you do not have reference Art, or cannot produce it yourself, do not fear!
There are plenty of Artists out there that will offer you a fair price for the creation of your reference sheet, I too also offer reference sheets but If these are not to your taste, there are others out there that will help you get the artwork. (Try browsing FurAffinity or DeviantArt to find an artist you like.
I do my best to create your character to your specifics, and to do that, you need to be 100% confident in your reference, yet if artwork gets rejected please do not take it as criticism, the artists skill level is never in debate, its simply the elements I need to create the costume do not fit right with the 2D reference artwork.


You will need to:
Have your concept art and a brief description of what youd like made.
I will then send back the pricing and summary of your costume, when quotes end I then send out emails to confirm your place in the queue.
Sending a quote doesnt secure your place in the list, I will send out emails to those with places in the list when quotes have closed.
When you are ready to accept the commission the deposit must be paid, this is when your place in the list is secure.
The deposit is 30% of the total price for the costume. This deposit is Non-refundable and is used to purchase all materials.

Your personalized price quote is valid for 3 months, after that you will have to re-submit your quote as the pricing system or certain aspects of my costume building may have changed in the time frame.


A DTD is not required unless a full-suit is ordered, measurements are needed for all suits.
For full-costumes a DTD (duct tape dummy) is required, it allows me to have a physical body-double of yourself in front of me so that your costume fits exactly to your size. There are a few tutorials out there on how to create your DTD to a good sturdy standard, check here DTDs do not have to be posted out fully-stuffed/padded.


All the prices quoted are in GBP (Great British Pounds) Payments that are in any other form of currency will need to be converted to the right amount first (if you are using any other currency eg. USD let me know in the quote and I will work out what your currency is in GBP).

Customers in the United Kingdom may pay via bank transfer, all others may use Paypal.

Fursuit commissions require a 30% deposit (Minimum) based on the full amount that is quoted to hold your place in line and allow me to purchase the materials needed to create your costume. This deposit is Non-refundable.

Please make sure to write your real name and/or your characters name on the quote sheet so that payments and quote sheets can be easily sorted and filed.

Full payment is expected before the construction of your suit begins, you will be notified of the date that it will need to be paid by. Failure to do so will result in the build being put on hold and the next person in the queue to take your place in line and could add weeks/months to your waiting time.

In the event you are unable to complete payment you must contact me immediately, I only offer two chances to be bumped back in line to your place. The first is 3 weeks after the first deadline (see above) if the 3 week deadline is not met then it extends to 2 months, after that youll be taken off the list and put on hold until you contact us.

Please let me know of these situations immediately, payment plans may be a possibility.

Queue/Wait time

Detailed or unusual suits may take longer to build than others, the wait until its your place in line can take a few months, so please be patient.
Progress shots (if desired) can be sent on the customers request, it is up to you whether youd like to see work in progress or not.


This is not included in the original quote and will be worked out at the end of construction.

Inability to pay Shipping and Handling within 3 Months will result in your commission being cancelled, your project will then be sold at auction (if your character was © to you or an original character it will be changed for auction).

You will not receive the 30% deposit back.

All costumes will be insured and will come with tracking number, the buyer is responsible for all duty fees, customs, taxes and brokerage over and above the cost of shipping. I do not have control over these extra fees or knowing how much they will be.

I also have the option of pick-up Any customer in the UK is welcome to come and pick up their suit from my current residence, times/dates will be arranged if this is what the customer wishes to do.

Cancelling commissions

I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any stage if the customer becomes highly unreasonable or threatening/violent.

Once an order has been made and the materials have been bought and are being used, no large changes may be made to the commission.

If you wish to cancel your commission at any time I will refund the balance (minus any applicable fees) but your deposit will not be returned to you.

I also have the right not at accept orders of copyrighted characters, blacklisted commissioners, extreme stylistic differences, poor reference artwork.

If the costume has been completed and there is something that you dont think is right and youd like it to be changed let me know and I will tell you if it can or cannot be changed.

If it is my fault for not following your reference artwork or the directions stated in the quote then no charges will be made but if it is something that was not mentioned by the commissioner or not stated/shown on the reference artwork and is my own interpretation of it (eg. The fur is not the right shade even though it matches the reference) Then a fee will be charged to cover cost of time/materials.

Returns and Warranty

I will accept returns and repairs within 30 days (reasonable excuse only eg. buyers remorse is not a reasonable excuse, reasons must be discussed before a return is made)

If there is a defect or the costume does not fit properly it can be returned and fixed for free (customers will pay shipping both ways unless it was a very large mistake on my part) I will not accept suits that have been abused/damaged in any way, normal wear and tear is fine, but lack of care, staining, own modification will render the warranty null and void and the damaged costume will be shipped straight back to the customer.

If you decide to return a suit (within the 30 days) the condition of the item will be assessed and refunds will be based on resale amount via online auction (deposit not included in this, this will not be refunded).

Customer is accountable for all shipping on returns, lost costumes are not my responsibility and I recommend when returning suits for repair to include insurance to ensure a refund even if the costume is lost in transit.

I will do repairs/airbrushing (as long as the suit is clean and not in an extremely poor condition all over) for the whole life of the suit, any and all charges for this service are under the artists discretion and any serious repairs or modification that are done by anyone other than the creator of the costume will void the repair warranty.